Wedding Gifts

Why a memory box makes a perfect gift

  There is something really special about a memory box and the magic feeling it brings when collecting together our favourite memories – or taking a trip down memory lane. A treasure trove of favourite times from the past preserved… Continue reading →

Preserve the memories of your special day with a personalised wedding guestbook

People come in and out of our lives but the ones that matter are always there to share our most important moments – and this is where a personalised wedding guestbook comes into its own. Capturing unique memories from a… Continue reading →

Be prepared: The countdown to the wedding season is underway

It may have been a bit on the chilly side this week but spring is very nearly on the way and this means one thing…the countdown to the wedding season. The end of spring is when wedding ceremonies start to… Continue reading →

Personalised clothing – how slogans help us to share the love

Say it loud and say it proud – slogan t-shirts certainly have an enduring appeal and they make a brilliant gift. Ever since conventions were turned on their head in the 1960s slogan t-shirts have held a place in culture…. Continue reading →

Buying the perfect wedding gift 

It’s a great honour to be invited to share in a couple’s wedding ceremony and choosing the right gift is important.  While sometimes it can be straightforward, very often choosing the ideal wedding gift is anything but.  Closer members of… Continue reading →

Investing in a lifetime of happy memories – the facts and figures of a modern wedding

Remember the film Four Weddings and a Funeral? Life can certainly feel like that sometimes – hopefully just the four weddings. With so many nuptials to attend it can be difficult to find time to pick out a personalised wedding… Continue reading →

Compliment top wedding traditions with a personalised gift

Everyone loves a good wedding – and it is the perfect occasion to think hard about a personalised gift. There is something special about celebrating the love of two people with all their nearest and dearest to witness the occasion and it’s… Continue reading →

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