Remembrance Gift

Cherish your memories: Remembrance on Mother’s Day

It’s a sad truth that sometimes the family occasions that mean the most can be a cause of great pain if you have lost a family member. This sense of loss can be particularly sharp on Mother’s Day when the… Continue reading →

How remembrance gift symbols can help show you care

It can be very hard knowing what to say or do when a friend or relative loses someone close to them – a remembrance gift is a way to show that you care. When grief is at its most raw,… Continue reading →

Remembrance: Why it is important to acknowledge grief

As hard as it can be to cope with grief, acknowledging your loss and allowing yourself to talk about it can be an important part of the healing process.  Remembering the person you have lost and letting yourself feel the… Continue reading →

Reflect on happy times and remember a loved one with a personalised remembrance gift

In times of grief – or even many years after losing a loved one – families will still celebrate events where their loss will strike hard. Instead of ignoring bereavement, a personalised remembrance gift can be a way to celebrate… Continue reading →

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