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Why wooden toys are more relevant than ever

The need for sustainable living and reducing waste is a growing concern with families choosing products made with a quality that will give them longevity. Wooden toys find a place easily in this landscape, being made from natural materials and… Continue reading →

Invest in a personalised money box to help your child learn to save

Like it or not money plays a hugely important role in our lives and by teaching children how to save money we can equip them well for life. Financial security is part of living a happy stress-free life. Having the… Continue reading →

Let your child’s imagination inspire the perfect birthday party

Young children love to lose themselves in their own world of make-believe so why not take their favourite theme as inspiration for a birthday party they will remember for years to come? Plan a party where their favourite fairy-tale heroes,… Continue reading →

Give a toy that is built to last for a personalised children’s birthday gift 

When it comes to children’s birthday presents choosing what to buy can be a tricky task – but a classic personalised gift is a great choice.  Faced with endless choices, and frequent, ever-changing requests prompted by TV adverts it can… Continue reading →

Focus on what your child enjoys as they go back to school 

The summer holidays are drawing to an end and hopefully the past six weeks have been a whirlwind of creativity, play and time outdoors.  While many children will look forward to going back to school, some may feel intimidated by… Continue reading →

Ease your child’s first day at school with a personalised gift 

It’s a major milestone for children and parents alike, that first day the uniform goes on and the house is left empty; but there are ways to ease the pain – for both sides!  However hard it may be, try… Continue reading →

Help children to create their own space with a personalised gift

They build dens with the sofa cushions, tip newly-tidied boxes all over the floor and draw on walls – really what most children crave is a space of their own. The most obvious way for most families to do this… Continue reading →

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