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Personalised clothing – how slogans help us to share the love

Say it loud and say it proud – slogan t-shirts certainly have an enduring appeal and they make a brilliant gift. Ever since conventions were turned on their head in the 1960s slogan t-shirts have held a place in culture…. Continue reading →

How trends can help to inspire the perfect choice of gift

When choosing a gift it is often the case that trends come into play and help to influence your decision. After all why wouldn’t they? When a product is ‘on trend’ it appears to be everywhere. Many trends often involve… Continue reading →

Give the gift of a personalised photo frame to bring happy memories home

How people choose to decorate their home is an important factor in making a house ‘a home’ – and family photos can add the finishing touch. The decoration, colour and furniture people choose to fill their home with reflect their… Continue reading →

Why a mug makes a fantastic personalised gift 

Let’s be honest, the pace of modern life can take it out of us at times – and it is at times like this that nothing beats the comfort of retreating to the sofa with a nice hot drink.  As… Continue reading →

Assemble the girls: Seven ideas for a birthday get-together 

Hard as we might try, as we get older it gets harder to meet up with friends, which is why it is so important we keep on celebrating our birthday…however many years it might be!  There’s nothing like a birthday… Continue reading →

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