Valentine’s Day 2018 falls on a Wednesday – and while that mid-week spot might not be synonymous with a big night out there’s still plenty of simple ways to mark the occasion.

When all is said and done Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and sometimes the simplest ideas have the most meaning. Here are our top tips for a romantic but low key Valentine’s Day:

Watch the starsValentine;'s Day gift mug

Clear skies permitting, there is something deeply romantic about looking to the night sky and working out the twinkling constellations together. Grab a hot drink and huddle under a blanket in the back garden and let the wonder of the universe deliver its own show. Plan ahead by giving a thoughtful ‘love you’ mug as a gift.

SeValentine's Day wine gift boxrve up a candle-lit Valentine’s Day dinner

It only takes a little bit of effort but a candle-lit dinner always creates a romantic atmosphere. Why share your Valentine’s Day with a roomful of strangers when you can cook up your favourite dish and enjoy an intimate dining experience of your own creation. Serve up the wine in a personalised gift box for extra effect.

Watch a classic love story

No excuses needed, Valentine’s Day is the one time of the year it is fine to get totally sentimental. Dig out your favourite love story, get the fire on and enjoy a cosy night cuddled up in front of the television.

Go for a walk

Whether you take the day off and head for the hills armed with a picnic or go for a quick moonlit walk, stepping out together is a wonderful chance to reconnect, talk and reminisce.

Create a home spaValentine's Day bathrobes

Put a bottle of sparkling wine in to chill, fill up the bath with bubbles, light some candles and add some music then relax. Set the scene with a gift of personalised bathrobes.

Play a game

Having fun together is the greatest reminder of why we like someone in the first place. Dig out the scrabble, monopoly or even a pack of cards and reconnect without it seeming like an effort. This playful heart is a great gift to complement the theme.

Catch up with your friends

Valentine’s Day is about sharing the love so whether you are on your own or in a couple, a night catching up with your nearest and dearest is always time well spent. Take inspiration from Latin America where the day is just as much about celebrating friendship.

Keep things simple for a stress-free Valentine’s Day – and choose a gift that brings added sparkle.