Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent and is linked to the church calendar. 

In 2018, Mother’ Day falls on March 11 (Shrove Tuesday being February 13), so before you know it the special day will be here. 

Why does Mother’s Day change every year? Mother's Day gift: Travel mug

As Mother’s Day is linked to Easter the date changes every year – and is in fact decided by the position of the moon! 

Easter is set by lunar patterns, and in accordance with church practices takes place on the Sunday after the first full moon of the spring (vernal) equinox.  This then decides all the dates linked to Easter. 

This full moon takes place around the middle of March (the 19th to 21st). Easter Sunday in 2018 falls on April 1 making it relatively early. 

As such Mother’s Day also falls earlier – last year’s was held on March 26th for example.  

Knowing that Mother’s Day falls early, it’s a good idea to start planning what gift you might get mum this year so you don’t get caught out with a last minute rush! 

Plan ahead to buy a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift 

Mother's Day gift: Cocktail setA great gift often takes a bit of planning, so make sure you leave time to get a gift that mum really deserves. 

Personalised gifts make a fantastic choice for Mother’s Day as mums more than anyone appreciate the thought that goes into a present from their child. 

A useful present that also has the personal touch is the perfect combination. A travel mug for example will help to keep a busy mum refuelled on the go, while also bringing a warm glow when thinking of receiving it.  

This set of family log coasters is a really beautiful way to make sure that thoughts of those mum loves best are always close at hand.  

Or, if mum is a fan of cocktails this personalised gift box will let her create a stir for a celebration. 

Plan ahead to give mum a thoughtful and personalised gift this Mother’s Day that will bring a touch of sparkle to every day.