It’s a great honour to be invited to share in a couple’s wedding ceremony and choosing the right gift is important. 

While sometimes it can be straightforward, very often choosing the ideal wedding gift is anything but. 

Closer members of the family may be asked if they could contribute something in particular but many couples will shy away from asking for specific gifts from other relatives and friends. 

With many couples having happily lived together for years the tradition of buying items to help newlyweds set Wedding gift: personalised chopping boardup home has largely been resigned to the past. 

Instead a lot of couples ask for money towards a home project or their honeymoon as a wedding gift – or there is, of course, the wedding list. 

Yet these are not for everyone. Not all couples will want to draw up a wedding list – and may not feel comfortable asking for money. Likewise many guests don’t embrace the idea of giving cash or choosing from a re-selected list of wedding gifts. 

Why a personalised wedding gift makes a great choice 

This is where a personalised wedding gift comes into its own. Rather than desperately searching for a gift that both partners will like, a personalised wedding gift is a way to remember the special day. 

And in keeping with the tradition of buying for the newlyweds home there are lots of personalised gifts that will bring the finishing touches of personality and warmth to a home. 

Wedding gift: cushionThe kitchen is usually the centre of the house and a personalised ‘Happy Ever After’ chopping board will bring a daily reminder of the big day.  

Another personalised wedding gift idea that will get plenty of daily use is ‘Mr & Mrs’ coasters 

Or help the newlyweds snuggle up in comfort in front of the TV with a personalised wedding gift that they can add to their lounge, such as this cushion. 

When struggling to think of a wedding gift, a present from the heart will always bring an added touch of sparkle to the special day.