When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts the expression ‘It’s the thought that counts’ really comes into its own. 

Rather than just marking the occasion, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show some real thought with a personalised gift that shows what your other half means to you. 

A symbol of love Personalised Valentine's Day gift: engraved log

Roses have long been considered a symbol of love, dating right back to Roman and Greek times and make a natural Valentine’s Day gift.

Chocolates have also had a long connection as a Valentine’s Day gift that offers a pathway to a loved one’s heart. Ever since Cadbury’s introduced a heart-shaped box of chocolates in 1861, chocolates have been a favourite Valentine’s Day gift. 

While tradition is a fantastic thing – and romantic in itself – it is nice to make a change and show that gesture isn’t always part of a routine. A personalised Valentine’s Day gift is a great way to make an extra special effort – and is a way to offer a different take on tradition.  

Personalised Valentine’s Day gift ideas 

Rose in a Jar: This illuminated gift is a beautiful keepsake incorporating the tradition of roses, but that will last, and can be engraved with your names. 

Personalised Valentine's Day gift: Letter blocksLove letters: Not the traditional sort, but these blocks are a really beautiful, simple way to display your love for each other. 

Love: At the end of the day this is what it’s all about, so keep it simple, keep it true and spell it out with this sign. 

Etch your initials: A traditional declaration of young love, trees everywhere bear the initials of couples. Why not bring this sweet tradition home with a personalised Valentine’s Day gift of a specially etched log? 

Going that extra mile and putting the thought into a personalised Valentine’s Day gift is an excellent way to ensure an added touch of sparkle on this special occasion.