It’s great to share the love and what better than a day dedicated to telling your loved ones how much they mean to you? 

Valentine's Day gift: Love signBut why February 14th, and why is it called St Valentine’s Day?  

The origins of what has now become one of the major occasions on our calendar – nearly half the population splash out on a gift to mark the day – are, while a bit unclear, certainly longstanding. 

The history of Valentine’s Day can be traced back as far as the Roman Empire. It is believed February 14th became St Valentine’s Day in 496 in honour of a martyred saint.  

Legend has it that St Valentine put his own life at risk by performing marriage services for Roman soldiers banned from taking a wife. 

When he was imprisoned, St Valentine healed the daughter of his jailor and in a letter he sent to her before his death in 273 signed it ‘Your Valentine’. 

Romance and Valentine’s Day

Obviously that phrase is very much in use today, although it wasn’t until much later that romance became associated with Valentine’s Day and the tradition of presenting loved ones with a gift was established.  

The first reference to Valentine’s Day and love was by the writer Goethe in the 14th century, although, some people believe Valentine’s Day became linked with the Roman fertility celebration Lupercalia, which took place from February 15th 

While the facts as to the origins of Valentine’s Day may be disputed its popularity certainly isn’t.  Valentine's Day gift: ring box

From the 1700s people really got onboard with the idea that February 14th was a day for declarations of love and lovers would pen handwritten notes to their Valentine.  

The tradition became even more widely celebrated throughout Victorian times in the UK when printers began to make Valentine’s cards, although sending them was expensive.  

Advances that made the postal system affordable with the official introduction of the Penny Black in 1840 and cheaper manufacturing methods for cards made sending a Valentine’s Card far easier and accessible.  

Personalised gifts and messages of love

Valentine's Day gift: coastersAs testament to the power of love and the popularity of Valentine’s Day, the celebration remains just as strong hundreds of years on with couples presenting their other half with a gift and card to mark the occasion. 

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to give your loved one a personalised gift to show how much you care. 

Here are a few great options that will make a lasting gift:  

  • ‘Hubby and Wifey’ personalised gift coasters; 
  • Spell it out with this Love sign; 
  • Planning on making a big gesture – how about a personalised ring box? 
  • A ‘first day, love day’ gift frame. 

So don’t forget to share the love this Valentine’s Day and make someone’s day sparkle with a thoughtful personalised gift.