Christmas is a fantastic and fun time of year – it is also an expensive time of year. 

Every Christmas people across the UK fork out hundreds of pounds on presents for loved ones – and that is without taking into account food, drink and going out. 

personalised christmas gifts include family decorations One survey found that the average Christmas spend on presents was £473, which is really quite an outlay. But then it’s all worth it to see the smiles on everyone’s faces, right? 

If the thought of splashing out hundreds of pounds makes you shudder, one option could be to make more selective but thoughtful gift choices – rather than making a mad dash around the shops in the last week of December. 

Personalised Christmas gifts are a great way to spread some festive cheer and show you care without feeling the need to buy multiple gifts. 

The personal touch is often greatly appreciated, particularly by members of the close family. 

Here are some ideas to give a present that means more by investing in a personalised Christmas gift:  

Grandparents – family elders love personalised Christmas gifts that keep their family close to their heart. Personalised picture frames and trinkets are an excellent choice of gift for grandparents – or something like this family strings frame, which is a lovely way of bringing the family together for a wall display. 

Mum – It’s very much the thought that counts with mums – and they usually love Christmas. A personalised Christmas gift that will leave mum feeling all warm and fuzzy when she thinks of her family is a great choice, such as this personalised family decoration. 

personalised christmas gift: BBQ chopping board

DadDads are often big fans of useful presents – this doesn’t mean that they don’t also like to feel special. If dad has a particular hobby or a job that he enjoys doing, splashing out on a personalised Christmas gift linked to it will keep him smiling throughout the year. This personalised BBQ board is ideal. 

Children – Children really love asking you to buy them, well, anything. Encourage them to get a grip on the personalised christmas gift: savings frameidea of money and start saving to treat themselves with a personalised Christmas gift such as this adventure fund, which will make saving fun.  

SiblingWho can resist the chance to poke fun at their sibling, with a smile obviously! These ‘I can’t adult today’ mugs are a personalised Christmas gift that will bring a giggle. 

Best friend Socialising is the key to maintaining friendships so why not invest in a personalised Christmas gift that ultimately you can share together. These personalised wine boxes are a beautiful gift that can be cherished by the recipient – just suggest you share that bottle of wine over a Christmas chat! 

Putting a little extra planning into your Christmas shopping could help you to make better investments. Choose a personalised Christmas gift to bring added sparkle to festivities this year.  

personalised christmas gift: wine box