Let’s be honest, the pace of modern life can take it out of us at times – and it is at times like this that nothing beats the comfort of retreating to the sofa with a nice hot drink. 

As the colder months creep in and autumn brings its familiar feeling of cosiness and a craving for warm nights in front of a box set with the fire on, a hot drink is the magic ingredient. 

The humble mug does a lot of work, it’s there in the morning to get us going, offers comfort on the return from work and helps you settle off for a good night’s sleep. 

If you want someone to know they are special to you, a personalised gift mug is certainly going to make sure your message is seen on a regular basis.  

A personalised mug is a reminder of home 

Mum and dad mugsThen there’s the work mug. Forget office politics, battle lines are drawn over the use of other people’s mugs. This is our reminder of home – the piece of the office we can actually call our own. When things are not going perfectly it is a reminder of the family that means more than anything else. And of course we all love that morning brew.  These super mum and super dad mugs make a fantastic personalised gift that will keep the bigger picture in perspective. 

Hot drinks make you feel better when you are suffering with a cold – hot blackcurrant anyone? Cheer someone up who’s feeling a bit under the weather with a personalised gift mug such as this one bearing the slogan ‘I can’t adult today’. 

And as if more proof was needed in the sanctity of the hot drink, they are a cornerstone of the Danish concept of hygge. The Danes believe that a hot drink is a quick pathway to happiness.  Give someone a boost by giving them a personalised gift such as this flamingo one.

Don’t let the younger members of the family be left out either, they will love to ave a special mug to sip their drinks from. These personalised character mugs make a beautiful gift. 

The need to sit down and sip a hot drink is maybe one of the best ways we have to make us slow down, even if it is just for a few minutes.  

A hot cup of tea is a great way to take a breather from the hectic pace of life – help others sparkle with the gift of a personalised mug.