Christmas trees take centre stage over the festive period so it is worth giving a bit of early thought to how you want your masterpiece to look. 

While some people prefer a co-ordinated look many others will opt for a hotchpotch of decorations filled with memories.  

Personalised Christmas tree decorations can bring a special touch and are well worth considering as an early gift – to loved ones, or even to yourself. 

Decorating the tree is a wonderful family activity to enjoy together in the run up to Christmas, so dig out the festive tunes and set the kids to work. Families with small children may have to accept that the lower front of the tree will be particularly densely decorated… 

First things first: choosing the tree. Many families like the convenience of an artificial tree that can be re-used year after year and doesn’t leave needles behind, while others love the novelty of a real tree and the festive smell it brings into the home. 

There are a wonderful array of artificial Christmas trees available to suit all tastes – from fibre optic dazzlers to ‘looks as a good as the real’ thing green ones. Often artificial trees come complete with fairy lights. 

With real trees it more often comes down to what you can afford and what is available locally.  Norway Spruces have been the traditional tree of choice in the UK but the Nordmann fir is now popular due, in part, to its ability to retain its needles.   

Decide on your lights early on as the colour of these and the shape could play a part in what sort of look you are aiming for with your Christmas tree. 

Christmas tree themes  

Those with an eye for design often choose to co-ordinate their Christmas tree, using a combination of set colours – black and gold, blue and silver, and red and white are popular choices.  

High street trends can also often find their way into Christmas decorations, so don’t be surprised to find pineapples, flamingos, and Prosecco and gin references in among the traditional angels, Santas and reindeer.  

Personalised Christmas tree decorations  

As Christmas is very much a time for family togetherness, many trees also feature a collection of baubles with sentimental attachment. These could have been gifts to mark baby’s first Christmas, a wedding or as remembrance to someone special. A personalised Christmas tree decoration also makes a brilliant present that can be given a special place every year. 

Then there is always the minimalist option of just having lights – like the traditional Norwegian tree in Trafalgar Square. Fuss free and stylish, you always pop just one personalised family decoration on.   

Bring an added touch of sparkle to your house with a personalised Christmas tree decoration.