It can be very hard knowing what to say or do when a friend or relative loses someone close to them – a remembrance gift is a way to show that you care.

When grief is at its most raw, people find themselves at a loss for words – the last thing anyone wants to do is cause upset by saying the wrong thing.

But it is important to let loved ones who are suffering know that you are there for them.

A card, remembrance gift or bunch of flowers is a good way to let people know you are thinking of them and are there to talk, without feeling as though you are intruding on their grief.

Remembrance symbols and their meaning

 While many people may draw on their memories of a person’s loves in life to remember them, traditional symbols can help to convey a message of sorrow and remembrance. Some of the most popular are:

  • Anchor – Hope;
  • Angel – an emblem of the journey to heaven;
  • Candle –the spirit shining on, it also symbolises prayer. A lit candle can signify the notion of eternal life;
  • Dove – peace, or the Holy Spirit;
  • Robin – a traditional symbol of renewal, robins have also come to represent the idea that a loved one remains close after death;
  • Feathers – spiritual progression. Feathers are also seen as signs from a loved one watching over those left behind;
  • Butterfly – the soul;
  • Lily – the restoration of innocence;
  • Rose – love;
  • Stars –the journey to ‘rest with the stars’. The Star of David represents divine protection; the five-pointed star signifies the life of Christ;
  • Tree – life itself.

Choosing a remembrance gift or card that carries a deeper message will hopefully bring comfort in a time of grief.

Remembrance gifts such as this feather-filled frame or bauble, or a personalised robin keepsake can be a reminder that although a loved one has been lost, their spirit remains.

Help the memory of loved ones sparkle by giving a remembrance gift that could mean so much at the most difficult of times.