When it comes to children’s birthday presents choosing what to buy can be a tricky task – but a classic personalised gift is a great choice. 

Faced with endless choices, and frequent, ever-changing requests prompted by TV adverts it can be easy to buy into the latest fad, or opt for a practical present.  

Instead when choosing a personalised children’s birthday gift consider taking a step back aPersonalised children's birthday gift - wooden Noah's Arknd thinking about what will bring children the greatest joy in the long-term. 
Wooden gifts are a great choice when considering longevity. Not only is wood a fantastically durable
material, the nature of wooden toys usually means there are no batteries to run out or components to break.  

By nature wooden toys also encourage creative play as they tend not to use animated voices, pushing children to use their imagination.   

Play is vital to a child’s development and a good toy is a great investment that will help them to learn new skills. A wooden toy makes an ideal personalised children’s gift as it is built to last but also beautifully made. 

Personalised children’s birthday gift ideas 

Personalised children's birthday gift - wooden peg setWooden hammer and peg sets help to develop motor skills and co-ordination and are a real classic – after all, most children love to be able to bash at things with a hammer! A good way to start learning colours as well, add the lucky child’s name to the set for a lovely personalised birthday gift. 

A wooden train set is a childhood must have and helps to lay the foundation for engineers of the future by building up problem solving skills. Make it extra special by adding their name. 

Creativity and role play are hugely important to developing skills at a young age and this portable cooker set will allow youngsters to whip up a storm in the kitchen wherever they are. This unique gift can also have their name added to make an extra special personalised birthday gift. Personalised children's birthday gift - a wooden kitchen

Another tried and tested favourite is the Noah’s ark toy. Children can march the animals in two-by-two, stage rescues, learn the names of animal and practise shape recognition. Its solid wooden structure makes it a great sturdy toy, for a personalised children’s birthday gift that will have real staying power. 

Think long-term and give a preset that will keep on giving when choosing a personalised children’s birthday gift.