In times of grief – or even many years after losing a loved one – families will still celebrate events where their loss will strike hard. Instead of ignoring bereavement, a personalised remembrance gift can be a way to celebrate a life – and help others take time to remember.

Love and loss is something we must all experience in life but as Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote: “Tis better to have loved and lost: Than never to have loved at all.”

And why because someone special is gone from our lives should their memory not continue to shine – particularly on special occasions when their loss can be felt so keenly?

Personal remembrance gift - engraved, carved angels

These carved angels can be a way to remember a loved one at a wedding

While not wanting to dwell on the melancholy it is so important to families that they can take the time to remember their loved ones at milestone occasions.

Special family events can also be a time to remember

But with emotion running high it is sometimes hard to know how to let people know you are thinking of them – or how to make a gesture of remembrance at your own event.

Weddings, christenings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries are all times when, despite joining together in celebration, families will particularly feel the loss of a loved one.

Tokens of affection, such as personalised remembrance items, are simple ways to show that people who have played a special part in our lives, remain in our thoughts.

Show you care with a personalised remembrance gift

Personal remembrance gift - frame with versePersonalised remembrance gifts are also a way to say ‘sorry for your loss’ and to let close friends and family know you care about them in their time of grief.

While flowers are a traditional gift to send to a bereaved family, a lasting, personalised remembrance gift can be seen as a personal celebration of a life. Gifts such this ‘When someone you love becomes a memory’ frame could become a focal point to remember a loved one in times of reflection.

Likewise when attending a wedding where the loss of a family member will be a cause for sadness, a personalised remembrance gift can show that you care for their loss and have them in your thoughts. Personal remembrance gift - slate heartSomething as simple as this ‘Only take the best’ slate heart could be a great comfort to those left behind.

Those marking their loss at their own event may also want to make those they have lost a part of their special day with a personalised tribute, such as a wedding remembrance angel.

Just because a special person may longer be in your life, let their memory continue to be a part of it.