Get ready for the end of term with a personalised teacher’s gift

School plays a huge part in the lives of our children, helping to set them on the path to follow their dreams – and it’s always nice to show your appreciation with a personalised teacher’s gift at the end of… Continue reading →

Looking for a fashionable Father’s Day gift? Consider a hip flask

The hip flask in one form or another has been around for centuries – but right now it certainly enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The classic choice for an engraved personalised gift, hip flasks had become just that – an… Continue reading →

Celebrate the arrival of summer this Father’s Day

While most traditional celebrations seem to take place in the colder months there is a major stand out exception – Father’s Day. Christmas and New Year are obviously our favourite cold weather celebrations but even Mother’s Day and Easter struggle… Continue reading →

Why wooden toys are more relevant than ever

The need for sustainable living and reducing waste is a growing concern with families choosing products made with a quality that will give them longevity. Wooden toys find a place easily in this landscape, being made from natural materials and… Continue reading →

Invest in a personalised money box to help your child learn to save

Like it or not money plays a hugely important role in our lives and by teaching children how to save money we can equip them well for life. Financial security is part of living a happy stress-free life. Having the… Continue reading →

When is Father’s Day 2018? Plan ahead for the perfect personalised gift

Father’s Day is traditionally on the third weekend in June – this year its falls on Sunday, June 17. With the promise of summer stretching out ahead of us, now is the time to start planning dad’s day in the… Continue reading →

Why a memory box makes a perfect gift

  There is something really special about a memory box and the magic feeling it brings when collecting together our favourite memories – or taking a trip down memory lane. A treasure trove of favourite times from the past preserved… Continue reading →

Preserve the memories of your special day with a personalised wedding guestbook

People come in and out of our lives but the ones that matter are always there to share our most important moments – and this is where a personalised wedding guestbook comes into its own. Capturing unique memories from a… Continue reading →

Pet memorial: Remembering the good times and helping to heal grief

To many people pets are a big part of the family and their passing is a cause of great sadness. For children in particular the loss of a pet may be their first experience of grief and its passing will… Continue reading →

Be prepared: The countdown to the wedding season is underway

It may have been a bit on the chilly side this week but spring is very nearly on the way and this means one thing…the countdown to the wedding season. The end of spring is when wedding ceremonies start to… Continue reading →

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